Severance Agreements & Employment Contracts

Agreements & Employment ContractQuite frequently your employer or prospective employer will ask you to sign an Employment Contract or Severance Agreement. Needless to say, that can be an uncomfortable situation for both you and your employer. If it is an Employment Contract, you probably want to show you new employer you are a “team player” and feel pressured to sign the agreement as presented. This could be a big mistake that can cause friction between you and your employer down the road. Jonathan Bell understands and is sensitive to your situation. Jonathan Bell has negotiated numerous Employment Contract Agreements that resulted in terms much more beneficial to the Employee. He understands the need to be cooperative and respectful to your future employer, while still protecting his client’s best interest. Mr. Bell has negotiated numerous agreements for all types of employees, including physicians entering into a private practice, salesmen entering into a corporation or partnership, as well as others.

In addition, Severance Agreements often involve the firing of an employee whereby the employer offers rights some additional compensation to the employee and in return, expects the employee to waive constitutionally protected, and other rights the individual may have. To fully understand what your signing, you should contact a knowledgeable attorney. Jonathan Bell has negotiated dozens of Severance Agreements that often resulted in increased compensation paid out to his client.

If you received an Employment Contract or Severance Agreement and want to speak with an attorney about it, please feel free to call The Law Office of Jonathan Bell