Client Reviews

"Thanks to you and your associates, especially Ms.Elissa Krell for all your legal services throughout my challenges with DOHA. Your legal approach was strong, well prepared and most professional during the hearing that made the difference to the Administrative Judge, and led to a favorable decision. This is the first time in my life that I was in need of legal representation, and my first time was a great experience. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I know needing legal services. I have been very impressed with Mr. Bell and this law firm- every step of the way…thank you all for your constant professionalism and for everyone’s help and understanding at this firm."

"My experience with Mr. Bell was very good. He exceeded my expectation in terms of his expertise in handling EEOC. He's thorough, knowledgeable, and experience. I was satisfied with the service that he provided and with the outcome of my case. During the whole process of my case, he was informative, and accessible through phone and email. He listened and looked into the case details not only at a legal level, but also at human and emotional level. I was stressed and I'll fated during the course of my case. Because of Mr. Bell's professionalism, I was assured and well prepared to face off with my accuser. We won the case. I encourage others to be honest with him and he will do his best to defend you."

"When I came to Jonathan, a Washington law firm had taken my money and dropped my case because the RMO had died. Jonathan saw the merits of my case and vigorously pursued my complaint. In my case, Jonathan expertly ellicited the truth from less than friendly witnesses. Jonathan's staff are experts in crafting responses that are concise yet to the point of law. Jonathan's handling of my case was so thorough that I was awarded a substantial amount of money. Jonathan is an excellent attorney and I would recommend Jonathan and his law firm to handle any EEO case."

"I found Attorney Bell to be a well verses, knowledgeable lawyer in the field of discrimination. He was compassionate, yet firm enough to reason when needed. I would highly recommend Attorney Bell to my closrest friends and/or relatives. He did an excellent job for me and I learned a lots" from him."

"Rare dedicated professional/human being that actually cares. Without him I would have no chance to fair and just results. Personally I highly recommend Mr. Jonathan Bell to any Federal Employee."

"Jonathan has a laid back style that puts agency managers and HR staff at ease while he lets them hang themselves with their own rope. He is excellent in depositions. His motions were timely filed and the work was top notch. His associate who did most of the written work was excellent and helped me understand aspects of legal writing; she was attuned to my schedule. Jonathan was persistent. He didn't let lazy administrative judges waste away time, and he dogged the agency lawyer relentlessly. He never did anything I told him not to do. He checked with me on everything, and he followed my directions even when he disagreed. I got an excellent settlement, and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg. I thought the fees were very reasonable, and he was very upfront. Relative to other law firms I checked out, he was very forthcoming and attentive--not arrogant or demanding. I just told him I may need him again. My case was federal EEO, and I was very pleased."

"I am so pleased with the services I received from Mr. Bell. I highly recommend him to anyone I come in contact with that needs the services he offers. Several years ago I hired an attorney to help me with an EEO case I filed against my employer. What a nightmare! then I found Mr. Bell, who took over my case and was unbelievably amazing. He not only returned my calls and emails, he did it when he was home with his family. He was supportive, helped me understand what I needed to do, what my options were, worked with me to prepare and understand the entire process. He explained to me all the positive and negative possibilities and was completely upfront about all aspects of the case. I have now found myself in another case and the one thing I was sure about was the first thing I needed to do was call Mr. Bell. It is so refreshing to know that I can count on Mr. Bell during such a difficult time and know no matter the outcome, he's honest, trustworthy putting my best interest first."

"I had been to the best lawyers in the SC and DC areas and all they did was take my money and tell me that I didn't have a case. I found Jonathan Bell on the web when I needed a lawyer and one who believed in my case. From the moment we spoke, I knew that I had a great lawyer that I could trust and that believed in my case. With Jonathan's help, I was vendicated and won my settlement. Since then, I have referred Jonathan to over 5 or 6 of my friends, co-workers, and previous employees and they have won their cases too. If you provide Jonathan all the pertient information revelant to your case(ammunition); Jonathan is a lawyer that you can count on and that will deliver on winning your case."