ArbitrationThe attorneys at The Law Office of Jonathan Bell have extensive experience, successfully engaging in arbitrations involving Labor and Employment matters. Jonathan Bell and his qualified staff of attorneys are regularly called upon to handle such matters, despite the fact that most Unions employ attorneys to handle matters related to union members.

Why would an employee/union member hire The Law Office of Jonathan Bell as opposed to relying on a Union attorney? Employees/union members have cited many reasons for doubting the abilities of Union attorneys, including: (1) Union attorneys place managerial interests above that of the Employees (Employees oftent state “the union is in bed with management”; (2) Union Attorneys are overwhelmed with a large volume of cases, preventing them from dedicating enough time and effort to each individual employee; (3) Union attorneys face conflicts of interest, wherein the underlying matter involves two employees, and are unable to represent both.

Quite often when an Employee is entering arbitration, their career is at stake. Entrusting a Union attorney may seem to make economic sense at the outset, however, a successful outcome is far more important.

At our office, we treat each case with the time and attention it deserves. We acknowledge the financial investment of each of our clients and that the employees entire career is riding on a successful result. With this in mind, we are careful to place each client in the best possible position to achieve success, and pride ourselves in refraining from frivolous billing. Every minute spent on your case has purpose and is meant to move the case forward with the goal of reaching the best possible result. We stay mindful of your budget throughout the legal process.

When a New York City Transit Authority Employee hired Jonathan Bell to represent him in two “back to back” arbitrations, both matters included a penalty of termination. Mr. Bell was challenged in having to prevail in both matters, as a loss on either would result in his client’s job loss after over a decade of consistent loyal employment. Additionally, his client’s pension was also at stake. The firm worked diligently and skillfully in performing the necessary work to successfully defeat BOTH cases.

The attorneys at The Law Office of Jonathan Bell are cognizant of the fact that such cases are won on three fronts: (1) Knowledge of the rules of Arbitration – placing the firm at a unique advantage with respect to the Arbitration process (2) Preparation – which is key to success. Unlike most Attorneys who fail to prepare adequately and merely review the file only a couple of days prior to the commencement of Arbitration, we know better. We review files early on and develop a strategy with our client to ensure a successful outcome. Due to early preparation, we can foresee potential problems and work diligently to mitigate penalties.

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